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Medieval Role Play Group A group of people that RolePlay on the region Exodus, or others regions. Stay informed about RP classes, and upcoming events.
Shai commented on the blog post ‘why i’ve been gone June 3
Good luck hon – and hope you come see us all soon (pun intended) 🙂
Shai replied to the discussion ‘R16.4 what do you think? June 1
giggle – I used the new viewer to go play in SL – was vengeance incarnate to see Lindens as Credits, and the ability to save the OLURL in the map rather than the SLURL. teehee. Then of course there was the knowledge that I was using KLee’s w…

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Phaedran – the location of the Phaedran Archeological Project. Uncovering where the Phaedrani came from and why they disappeared.
for more info and to follow the chronicles see: http://phaedran.blogspot.comTropicana – gentle, peaceful place open to all – and my home
What is your favorite Regions? (Can be your own or others)
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At 2:19pm on May 28, 2009,  said…
ty for your friendship offer, it’s my pleasure
At 8:10pm on May 24, 2009,  said…
Hey Shai,
thanks for your song and kind wishes!
At 3:26am on May 11, 2009,  said…
Hey Shai. 🙂
I am not sure what you mean about the images. Please feel free to PM me here (or let me know in world next time you pop in) and I will try to help you.
At 10:37am on May 10, 2009,  said…
Hey Shai, thanks for your help earlier….. The package was so prettily packed and bowed with pink ribbons. But lol, it was empty (it was a no copy) :PP,,,,,, anyways searched high and low and finally got myself my own copy… *hugs
At 9:12am on May 9, 2009,  said…
He he thanks xxx 🙂
At 11:26am on April 25, 2009,  said…
So so sorry…finally got my friend’s comp problem fixed…twas a ngihtmare.

Speak to you tomorrow and we’ll sort out what to do with that file 🙂

Sleep well Shai.


At 11:03am on April 20, 2009,  said…
Hello Shai
(sorry if you get another draft of this: first one seemed to vanish before completion).
Saw your comments on the annoucement about improvements and agreed with every word.
Now: here’s how I got the paymeny system to respond to my tier. On the payment page, when you get to the last window where the actual Pay button in the middle doesn’t respond… at the upper left of the first line there is a little box. Its actually an input field, waiting to receive a ‘1’ (1 payment, that is). I found that if I typed a ‘1’ into there, and then hit the Pay button, the payment was accepted and I received a receipt.
The one theing that still hasn’t changed is the ‘date of next payment’ on the previous page. A small detail that Sakai needs to get round to. But at least the system gives a receipt, so that’s fine.


At 9:54am on February 5, 2009,  said…
MyHotComments hellllloooooooo 🙂
At 2:31am on November 10, 2008,  said…
Hello Shai! Welcome to OLX.

Shai’s Blog

Archeological Project: Phaedran – Log #1
Date: 25 May 09
Project Site: Phaedran
Archaeologist: Shai KhalifaThis project is proving to be nothing sort of fantastic (in the truest meaning). Every day seems to uncover more wonders never before seen.The huge dragons on the western end of the site were always something that inspired awe and wonder in anyone who saw them, and we’re hoping to find out more about their origins as we continue the dig. There are 2 smaller ones above the bridge that joins one mountain to the… Continue

Posted on May 25, 2009 at 11:53am — 1 Comment


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(From Digital Dreambuilder)I have created a venue where OLPC developers or educators can meet in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location on the planet – the OLPC Centre on the Openlife Grid. 

The Openlife Grid is a virtual world (Opensim architecture) that allows people to meet and interact in a virtual environment. In that environment your presence is represented by a character on screen (avatar).

I am opening up the OLPC Openlife center as a place for any OLPC and XO developers and educators to meet. Although the location is virtual the immersive experience of ‘being present’ is there.

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