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The beginning of a Medieval PG type Roleplay adventure where you become the character which you desire. In the Realm there will be several different q…

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In the time when Elves, Demons, and Fairies ruled the world, a new battle had begun between good and evil. Dark times were afoot because evil was winning……………

The Evil Wizard of Zanstar was determined to conquer this new breed known as humans, for they had only a female to rule over them. The Wizard laughed wickedly at the thought of a mere woman leading a kingdom.

In his twisted thoughts, he felt it was time for him to strike at the humans for good. He gazed out at the darkening sky and muttered with sneeringly malice, “If their so-called Queen was no more, then I could rule them all.” He smashed his wine glass aganst the fireplace and stormed from the room.

The Queen of Adora was a mighty warrior in her own right. She fought for all creatures and believed that all could live in peace. Little did she know of the evil plans afoot and that her kingdom was going to change, by the cruel hand of the Evil Wizard of Zanstar.

In the Hills of Zanstar, outlined against the morning sky, stood the form of a being that struck fear in the hearts of all. Garth, the evil Wizard stood staring coldly out at the Kingdom of Adora. He knew he must conquer these things that they call humans. The Queen of this land, known as Zeno had made pacts and agreements with all the races from around her Kingdom. The Evil One had coldly rejected her offers of peace and kinship. Garth intended to distroy her before she could gain enough allies to defend her lands.

There was a cold morning chill in Belsaron the day of the Wizard’s approach. The only thing colder was his cruel intentions for the peaceful humans. The evil wizard of Zanstar stalked into to the Gnome camp and demanded to see their leader Basha. He stopped in front of Basha’s hut. With the movement of his arm Garth, the evil Wizard threw the door off the hut. Basha was stunned to see his hut door flung off and The evil Wizard standing there . “You are going to conquer these puny human creatures for me”, he sneered. Basha with fear in his voice calmly said “But we are a peaceful race.” “Then you and your camp will be destroyed by my Orc army.”

Basha knew he must obey the evil one or his people would be destroyed. With a stammer in his voice Basha stated “For the life of my people then it is written we shall attack the City of Adora.” The evil Wizard took out is dagger and thrust it into the table near Bashsa’a hand. “See that you do my will, or blood will spill!” he hissed. He turned and stormed out of the hut. Basha’s hands shook as he summoned his scribe and bade him take down an urgent message……..

Queen Zeno recieved the note from Basha.’s Page. The note read “For the life of my people and yours I beg you please leave this place. I must attack your kingdom if you do not leave.”

For all the races in the realm she could not leave in peace she has to stand and fight for her people. For it was her people and neighbors who built this City of Adora. She told Basha’s Page “I will not surrender this city. I must stay to protect my people, my neighbors, and the Realm.

Basha and his Gnome Army Stood above the City of Adora awaiting for an answer from Queen Zeno, praying that she would leave in peace so that the evil wizard would not harm his people. His Page ran to him, breathlessly telling him of Queen Zeno’s answer.

His heart fell. With tears in his eyes he mounts his trusted steed and gives the order to attack.
The Evil Wizard watched from his vantage point sneering, as he watched the Gnomes attack the city. But as the fight wore on he began to realize that the Gnomes were losing. Garth becomes furious and calls for his Orc Army to destroy all of them including the Gnomes. Watching the battle Garth noticed that the humans were starting to help the Gnomes. The Gnomes and the humans were now fighting side by side.

But they were not a match for the Orc army. Finally the City was in the hands of the Orcs and Queen Zeno was in their hands. Queen Zeno is taken to the evil Wizard, blindfolded and chained.
He looked at Queen Zeno. He knew he could not kill her for she will become a marter and he could not let her survive for she would rise to power again. He used his magic powers on her to destroy her ability to lead her people. He took her life away from her body and placed it in one of his towers. Then placed her lifeless body in another tower. And now the story begins…………………….

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Wanted – Ye who want to lead and bring the adventure to another level. Contact thee.

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