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Deeding land to group 14 Replies

Started by Anastacia Wade in I need heeeeeellllllp!Last reply by raybo pessoa 10 hours ago.

Ponders….. 1 Reply

Started by Anastacia Wade in General DiscussionsLast reply by Gitfinger Hotspur Jul 21.

Macphisto Angelus

door and window script 5 Replies

Started by Logger Sewell in General DiscussionsLast reply by Macphisto Angelus Jul 15.

Muli Basiat

Meerkat -vs- Second Inventory 11 Replies

Started by Muli Basiat in General DiscussionsLast reply by Muli Basiat Jul 15.

Members Making a Difference

OLPC Openlife Community

(From Digital Dreambuilder)I have created a venue where OLPC developers or educators can meet in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location on the planet – the OLPC Centre on the Openlife Grid.


The Openlife Grid is a virtual world (Opensim architecture) that allows people to meet and interact in a virtual environment. In that environment your presence is represented by a character on screen (avatar).

I am opening up the OLPC Openlife center as a place for any OLPC and XO developers and educators to meet. Although the location is virtual the immersive experience of ‘being present’ is there.

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