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Second Inventory in testing on OLG now.

Sakai Openlife (President of 3DX studios who own OpenLife Grid) let OLX know today that bringing Second Inventory back to OpenLife users was far from a dead project. In fact not only is it still a goal for 3DX but Angelo Biondi who is the creator of Second Inventory was given a region (Utopia) for testing purposes. For those unfamiliar to Second Inventory, it is a popular back up tool intended for creators to archive their items to their own hard drive in case Second Life had one of it’s all too often asset server issues that deleted them. The emergence of grids other then Second Life’s brought the tool into it’s popularity as people began to export their builds and creations outside of Second Life.With OLG still the biggest and most popular Commercial Grid next to Second Life it has many owners here. Since SI (Second Inventory) would transport any full permed item, regardless of if one created it or not, rumblings by content creators began to be heard around the forums and blogs about their items showing up on other grids with someone else listed as creator. Sakai and 3DX took this seriously and took a stand against content theftt by asking Second Inventory to create a version that would retain the original creator’s name which some balked at but to some showed the strongest IP theft stand to date by a commercial grid. I for one will be interested in seeing if that makes it into the Second Inventory code.

I have been a user of Second Inventory for almost a year now. My wife made lots of jewelery and we made other items on the Linden Grid and when I found myself moving to OpenLife and later deciding to make it my new virtual home it came in handy to bring some of our items over. Unfortunately I figured I would always have time to get the rest even though Sakai mentioned in meetings dating back to November that the day would come when SI would no longer work with OLG in it’s present form. OLG woke up one day to an update that no longer supported the log in of viewers other then OpenLife’s KirstenLee made viewers. That included Second Inventory. Now we may finally be getting close to having access once again to this back up tool. This time though it may be an even better product.

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Resident Meetup with KLee Openlife.

Today’s Resident and 3DX meetup was held by Klee Openlfie on the 3DX region. Klee shared some of the things we can expect from the upcoming Open Life 1.16.4 (190) viewer build. When asked what is new in this version Klee responded “lets see whole new codebase. Lots of security fixes for the browser side. Active scanner, no more pressing the scan button. Updates at the speed of framrate oh and viewer side objects. Like i can say words like ‘platform’ and it rezzes stuff. This will eventually tie in with sso’s to enable per parcel enviromental control.” The scanner will now have it’s own floater window that can be moved to your favorite point on the screen and can display an unlimited amount of avatars.

The first builds for MAC and Windows are done and in testing now. Klee compiled the Linux build earlier today.

The new viewer will also alow “casual” log ins to the Second Life grid again. Klee mentioned some issues in testing with the viewer cache when moving from grid to grid that came up in testing. One thought I had while writing this is that the new viewer must allow reporting back of your hardware stats, etc which was removed in the last viewer. If that is the case it will be better in my opinion for the grid because hardware bans can be utilized.

When asked for a release date, Klee let us know it is not certain at this time as further testing is needed but it should be out “soon”. Klee said as of now “Its working pretty darn well.”

When asked about a issue many of us have experienced with textures not loading sometimes Klee commmented that they had found an “Un-acceptable amount of out of order packets.” This is something 3DX plans to “nail in the head” soon. Basically Klee explained often the viewer is waiting for a “scene” from the server but the server delivers is slow or does not hand it off. “In simple terms and the server sits idle while the viewer waits also. basically the server and viewer programmers have to pick thru the available transcript and try to create the universal langauge that both server and viewer expect, Part of that is solving the mystery of out of order packets. Other things include fine tuning priorities, ie assets and textures and how they are weighted in a scene. In other words pecking order. In the viewer textures and assets are giving priority over things like windnoise ^^.

When asked if Sculpties could be given priority over regular textures, Klee had this to say:
“sculpts are painful. Basically they are two textures,the map and baked texture. Of course they have the same priority as any other texture but appear to take loger because the sculpt will not fully form unless the undelying texture is fully resolved.”

Klee commented that most of the issues facing his viewer now are common in all OpenSim based worlds. But, ” The BIG difference is OL are taking a more sideways look at things and saying hang on thats how it is supposed to work but mabye this way is better.” This confrims the view many of us have held to that OLG is about experimentation and innovation and not just dropping OpenSim code “as is” on it’s servers. A little more about that can be found here.

It was an informative meeting and big thanks go out to Klee for spending the time with us to tell us what is on the horizon and also for the awesome viewers that you deliver to us time and time again. Also thanks to Dawny for her hours of testing. 🙂Comments (3) posted by Macphisto Angelus May 18

My Messages..

With this last update over the weekend we got a new addition to our “Toolbox” on the main OLG website. My Messages is the place to check when someone sends you a message while you are offline.

To access your messages, log into the OLG website then click “My Toolbox” and then “My Messages”.

This will be very handy from a social standpoint and a business one as well. No more waiting for someone to come online when you want to send them a message. Now you can reach them anytime you need to.

Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus May 15

New changes coming to the grid. (hint.. hint)

In a flurry of poke notices that hinted to a update coming up and finally ended with:

Posted By Sakai Openlife On 5/8/2009 5:24:45 PM
no more hints… I guess there’s an update Saturday 😉

We are told that there are a few changes coming to the grid on Saturday. Among the changes are the ability to leave offline IMs to members (yay) and the ability to buy access to parcels. I remember when that was added on Second Life and a lot of us questioned it. One day in Cartmel (the region we owned land in on SL) somebody set up a photo studio on a small plot. He then charged a certain amount of lindens for a half hour of access. I thought it was silly but then began seeing lots of people coming in and using the photo studio there. There are some imaginative uses for the ability if one puts their mind to it. Cover charges for events are another to consider. So, there are uses for it.

There will be a new pricing plan on private clusters as well. Watch the Private Cluster Order Page for the changes and the blog.

We’ll see what other goodies are in store for us after the update.

Comments (1) posted by Macphisto Angelus May 8

Returned items from OLX Island.

Hey all.
If you are getting returned items from the OLX mall fear not. It is not due to your store being returned to you. We are finding lots of items under the ground that hover above the water. We will return those items as we find them. 🙂


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New server update today. Region code.

Sakai posted today that the new region server has been rolled out to the grid. In this update there are some much needed permissions fixes including the re-instating of giving inventory directly to an avatar. I caught up with Sakai today and he commented that “I think everyone should find perms quite satisfactory”. Not to mention they were written new instead of relying on the old code. Also of interest was being able to drop items and they often now land flat on the ground or on other prims rather then sinking within them.

Here is the rundown from the blog.

3DXServer Update
by Sakai Openlife on 04/18/2009 10:10 PM started rolling about the live world today.

This is a minor revision on the surface but actually contains some very deep changes. That will come into play we’ll explain after the visible changes listed below:

This update contained approximately 40 updates to the server code, here’s a brief overview:

– Entirely new written permissions system.

– Re-enabled giving inventory.

– NEW Agent service (this is running parrallel with existing method for testing before going live in the new weeks major update).

– Minor changes to estate.

-Correction to some cases of Avatar Rez to Vector (rezzing a prim on the ground and from inventory) to make the prim appear on the surface not embedded in another prim or under the ground. (there’s still a couple of cases for us to correct but we’ll get them all soon…)

That’s all? On the outside that’s pretty much it but on the inside we’re preparing for a pretty major update this week. With a major update expected Thursday followed by a quick minor update Friday Evening Sat morning. Some of the expected changes in the major update are the new highly scalable agent service, the birth of groups, re-enabling global inventory with a new check system, new region data collection (for error reports and the like), turning the new credits renewal system to live, parcel lists, allowed/disallow av lists and a good bag full of fixes and changes. Some of this has been included in the current (not enabled) some will come through in the major update. However we felt it was best to introduce the new permissions system now to remove any ‘over’ restrictions you may have been facing.
‘Creative Technology’
3DX – Openlifegrid.com

Comments (1) posted by Macphisto Angelus Apr 19

Region and Private Cluster owners to get priortiy support!

After the staff and resident meet up on Friday, people were discussing the idea of 1 on 1 chat premium service that was raised by Sakai. Many including myself (see this article) asked or wondered where this leaves the many region and cluster owners. What is going to be done for the ones already supporting OLG and many feeling like support is falling on deaf ears.

Well, Sakai announced that there is indeed support and relief coming for those very people. By the end of the weekend there should be a prioritized version of the “contact us” system.In Sakai’s words “This system will become priority over general contact us based requests to assist our valued paying users first.” Also Sakai is looking in to hiring a person soon that is a “specialized account manager to service users with 4 regions or more.” Sakai is confident in this new system and says “The benefits of this new system mean we will be able to assist your needs faster, and escalate if required in a managed scenario to the appropriate person within our team as required.”

Already many are cheering this new direction and I join them even though I am not a region holder. It is good business to prioritize the ones who pay for a service and this is a giant step towards 3DX doing just that.

Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus Apr 5

Would you pay for 1 on 1 chat service from 3DX? If so how much and what would you expect from it?

In yesterday’s meeting on 3DX Island where Sakai mentioned the possible service tier for a 1 on 1 chat level support. Now, as promised he has posted a poll to see if this is something OLGers would like to have.

One surprising development is that this is being considered for those with or without land. The projected time frame for this support to be available is limited to 1600UTC –0200UTC daily. The poll offers three options to choose from:

O I would be interested if it cost me $9.95 or less.
O I would be interested if it cost me $19.95 or less.
O I would be interested if it cost me $29.95 a month but was 24×7.

The topic is open for discussion at the link I provided above. If you comment here on OLX please remember to keep it civil and without personal attacks if you do not like this idea.

Comments (4) posted by Macphisto Angelus Apr 4

3DX Staff and Resident Meetup recap.

Tonight residents again got the chance to sit down with Sakai and hear about a few of the things 3DX has been working on and ideas that they are considering. I was able to get there but then Sakai restarted the meeting and after many attempts to log back into 3DX island I gave up and went to hang out with Gumby and Gitfinger on Woomera.

I did end up with a chat log of the meeting thanks to Surreal Numbers and will run down the few main points that came from Sakai.

First off Sakai went into SSOs as expected. He mentioned the new tech called “SSO: Parcel.Purchase” which was covered in this article earlier this week. It seems to be working out successfully for 3DX and they buyers. Sakai had this to say: “I know quite a few people have had the pleasure of being able to use this new SSO already to buy mainland as we’ve switched not to entirely “in world” purchases of the regions (now).” hinting that eventually this could be the way purchases are handled across the board. 20 parcels were sold in the last two days with this new tech. The vision is to eventually automate many of the land features. Soon a person will even be able to move their PC on their own to another location on the grid.

He also explained how this tech works and how PC owners can use it to sale parcels. “The viewer has buy land option in it and we could have gone about meeting the requirements of the viewer, but we thought about this one and decided really only previous SL users are going to know that they should right click the land, choose about land land and buy etc. whereas a nice smart box point and touch would probably be easier and more visually appealing. The SSO is actually a little intelligent and can change it’s appearance based on it’s state.It has 3 states: For Sale, Sold and INVALID.
To use it is very much the same as the “SSO. Living.Tree”. You start by creating a prim. I’ll demonstrate on my right.
I created the prim, applied a texture.. next i can drop 2 textures inside it; One called “Sold” and another called “For Sale”. This is really so that if you are a cluster owner etc and you are reselling a parcel you can brand it how you like.
The prim will be active the moment you change the prim name to “SSO: Parcel.Purchase”. Then simply set the box
(original) for sale (and you might like to change the prim to buy on touch) and it’s finished. You simply type them into the sale price of the prim.” The texture flipping SSO behavior should be implemented this weekend. Also Sakai said he will add steps explaining this to the support area of the OLG website under SSOs. He says in time there will be quite a large library of SSOs available for in world use.

One proactive move that was introduced was the “invalid” texture. This will prevent fraud in that if someone buys land from “Land Seller X” and they get the sign with that land seller’s personal branded logo Sakai explains “After the box is sold it will change texture and become no copy / no mod / no trans and as further protection for your IP, if a user was to rez the box it would turn INVALID.” So this protects buyers and sellers. Another tech on the horizon is having a land for sale sign report how long the land owner is paid up for. This stops a fraud that has been committed in SL where a person with very little time left on their tier rents to a person and the land is reclaimed by LL before the rental time expires. This is a great move to protect the buyer/renter on OLG.

Sakai also explained that staff have been sick and it has caused a large back log in answering support requests. He estimates they get about 800 emails a day. Of particular note was a step back from the promises of 24 hour support from meetings in the past. ” it’s quite evident we aren’t going to be able to provide 24×7 CS with the number of users we have now.^ In effect the world is growing at a faster pace then staff and the ability to hire more. This led to an interesting development as he announced they are looking at ways to offer a “Premium Support Package”. Something that he wants to get ideas from the forums about. His idea for this is offering the ones who pay for it instant 1 on 1 chat support. He said “the thought about dedicated CS would be this: that we would put a direct 1:1 chat on the site and if you have premium you could access it immediately to talk to someone in chat.” I must admit here that this sounds quite ambitious for the size staff he has answering questions now. I do not see how they can avoid wait times for the chat sessions. This would be very great if they can pull it off But I also have to ask what about the people who own regions and PCs now that do not pay extra? Is there relief in site for the many, many complaints of people not getting responses to sim restarts and the basic need of any business, the ones who cannot seem to easily pay the tier bills and are afraid they may have their land go offline?” It is wonderful to read the new tech and advances happening there but the Customer service, even with the addition of people is still in need major help.

There was also a period of discussion where Sakai reiterated that SSOs are not taking away from devs working on stability. They have been a initiative of the devs over weekends, after hours, etc. He made it quite clear that the money people are spending on supporting 3DX is not going for this. It is not some kind of eye candy that is taking up valuable resources. I have to agree with him that it is hard to bash devs who are doing this in their free time for the good of OLG’s future. Already we have seen SSOs do not simply grow trees and are certainly not the old code added to the OpenSim code long ago. This is a innovative tech and it as I have said before is thinking and moving outside of the Linden and OpenSim box. 3DX has serious bragging rights for this.

Sakai ended the meeting letting everyone know today there will be no outstanding clusters so if you have been waiting on delivery if things go as they should you will likely get it today. He also stuck around for a bit via IMs to help out some people who still had questions.

With the large success of people going to this meeting one thing is clear. Something needs to be done officially to ensure everyone who wants to hear the info gets a chance. Maybe Sakai should consider going back to using voice so that it can be streamed to parcels around OLG and into WinAmp for those that cannot get into the meetings. I do feel that people who are paying for land (full disclosure, I do not own land) should get preference to attend these meetings. They after all are the ones with the biggest stake in the grid.

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The First SSO Land Purchase in OLG History!

Yesterday Sakai announced on
the OLG blog that the first mainland regions were up for sale using the new breakthrough SSO technology that 3DX is developing. Shortly thereafter the first purchase via SSO in OLG history occurred and the buyer was our own Justyn Tyme. Justyn is the owner of Evercrest Rentals, a successful and active venture. This gives Evercrest room to expand and is conveniently right next door to the current Everquest region, Splice.

Justyn took some time out to answer some questions for OLX on the process and feeling of being the first person to use

this cool new technology.

Mac: I hear you bought the first region with the new SSO system. I am doing a story about it for OLX. How did it feel to
use the new system?

Justyn: I was like am I the first player to use the SSO land purchase and Sakai said yes. I was like wow! I made OLG

Mac: How long did it take before the land was in your name?

Justyn: The transaction was instant! That was the first thing I checked to see if it was instantly mine and sure enough.

Mac:Did you find the process easy to use? Please describe what you had to do.

Justyn:When the sign was placed and ready all I did was click the box to pay for the region, very easy to use, just like
buying something from a store in OLG.

Mac:What are your plans for Folly?

Justyn: Folly will be residential and commercial use within reason, If its commercial, I must know what kind.
I have already rented 2 lots LOTS 4 RENT Stop By!, I also own Splice which is connected to Folly.

Mac: Do you have any comments about the new process or anything further readers should know about this new process
of buying land?

Justyn: This is far much easier to use and your region is yours in seconds, I had no issues with it. I was able to use the
settings right away, subdivide right away. I love the SSO process.

Thank you Justyn for taking the time out to answer some questions and congratulations on being the first person in OLG
history to use the new SSO system. It is pretty obvious SSOs are going to play a huge role in our OpenLife experience. I
can’t wait to see what else 3DX dreams up and puts into our world.

Below are some pictures of Justyn’s Splice region I took. They show some of the cool stuff he has going on there.
Comments (1) posted by Macphisto Angelus Apr 2

SSOs to benefit Estate Owners this weekend!

Tonight I got a chance to talk to Sakai a little about the new SSO feature of automatic land sales. Tomorrow look for an article about the first SSO automatic land purchase in OLG history and who that was as well their views on the experience.

There is another benefit that SSOs will make available to Estate Owners on Private Clusters this weekend. Estate Owners will be able to use the same SSO technology presently being used by 3DX on the mainland to separate parcels for sale.

Sakai said that he will explain how Estate Owners can utilize this exciting new feature at this weekend’s meeting. This could mean parcels for sale on Private Clusters as early as after the meeting. The meeting is scheduled to be at 11PM UTC this Friday on 3DX Island. Also there will be a Q&A; session based on questions being raised in this forum thread.

Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus Apr 2

Buying credits just got even easier!

This morning Sakai announced that now you can buy credits through the OpenLife website as well as using the viewer in world to do so. This means you won’t have to log in to the grid to make the purchases. So, how does it work?

1. Log into the OpenLife website.

2. Click on your Toolbar button.

3. On the drop down menu click on the link that says “My Credits”.

4. Select the “Purchase Credits” link:


5. Choose which avatar you want the credits sent to:

6. Choose the amount of credits you would like to buy and then click the “Purchase Credits” link.

7. After you click that link you will go to PayPal where you will authorize the payment:

8. After that you will get one of two screens.

A. If you are paying from your PayPal balance or a credit card tied to the account you will see this:


B. If you are paying via Echeck you will see this screen:


After this 3DX will manually approve and send your credits out to you. They are still doing this 12 hours a day. Soon it will be totally automated though. It is still in testing. Sakai told me tonight that you no longer have to log in and out to see your balance and the payment will get to you even if you change regions after your purchase which are advances over my first experience of buying credits where I had to manually contact 3DX and Sakai sent me the credits after he saw my payment come through. I had to log out and clear cache to see the balance. So there are good strides going on around credit purchases right now. And more coming soon.

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Permissions Bug on the grid. UPDATE: [RESOLVED]

There is a permission bug on the grid right now that is allowing no copy and no trans items to be copied and transferred multiple times. I will NOT go into how this is accomplished but I will say it is not easy to do or something one would think to do in normal operation. We at OLX have tested and confirmed it and it is reproducible 100% of the time.

Sakai is aware of the problem and the 3DX team is working to fix it right now. In the meantime you may consider taking items you have out for sale off sale until the all clear is reported.

We have shut down OLX island completely until this is over so any items you have out for sale on OLX are safe.

We will report more as we know it and the all clear when it is given.

Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus Mar 31

Automated land buying NOW available. And you thought SSO’s were just for trees..

Just announced via the OpenLife website is automated region buying on the mainland. This is a very cool in itself but what is especially noticeable about this step forward is it is SSO powered. You remember SSOs, right? The technology that made the “Living Island” and vegetation on 3DX island grow? Well, as was said at the time there is a great future ahead for the technology and this is another great advancement powered by SSO (server side objects or sexy server objects more like) coming to us in OpenLife.

To buy a region just look for signs like this one:


and simply pay the sign and ownership will be instant. No more waiting for manual set up, your land is delivered at once.

The website offers this for pricing:

“Inland regions cost 34,000 Credits. Waterside regions cost 38,000 credits. In both cases this includes your first month renewal. After this renewal is 27,500 credits or $59 per month.

You can still renew using the Region Toolbox, your region will appear there within 24hrs of purchase. You can choose to renew in credits or USD$”.

The website also hints that this will be available for Private Cluster owners very soon. Sakai was not kidding when he told us in the past that SSOs will play a large part of OLG’s future. Already this is a exciting announcement and a big congratulations goes out to Sakai and his team for finding innovative ways to go outside the Second Life and OpenSim box.

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OLX Spring Break / Grand Opening Dance Party.

Today OLX hosted a dance party to celebrate Spring and the Grand Opening of The Explorer’s Cafe at Bubble. The Explorer’s Cafe was built to give OpenLifers new and old a place to hang out and relax and enjoy some conversation in a place with a art deco theme environment.

Explorer Cafe @ Bubble

The event was overshadowed by some of those OpenLife bugs we have all learned to live with. For instance there was a challenge to set up with the region offline for most of yesterday. A new server code update was installed yesterday and Osiris had real life things to attend to up until moments before the event kicked off. As guest began to arrive something odd happened with the physics engine and people were randomly falling through the floor and into the sea below. People still chatted, laughed and used the dance machine to shake their virtual pixels as Git found a stream of techno music. Guest Logger provided salsa dances for anyone who wanted to use them.



Suddenly the region went down and we found ourselves logged out as the region got a restart under the stress of all the action. Afterward some found it difficult to log back into Bubble and get back to the event but the event went on for another hour or so with plenty of dancing and conversations. The stream was changed as OpenLifer Vichenso67 Blanco volunteered to DJ the event and treated us to more great techno music and showing himself to be a great DJ for events.



So though the event had a heap of challenges the main thing I walked away with was how fun and resourceful OpenLifers can be. I saw names I recognized from the forums and OLX that I had never had the pleasure of meeting in world before there and that is always a great treat. The Explorer Cafe is visible from OpenLife Welcome Island and will make a fine place for meet ups and a social atmosphere for new people and established ones. The Cafe is a step in things to come for the region as it is being developed to help out with the new user’s transition into the new experience of OpenLife.


Comments (1) posted by Macphisto Angelus Mar 29

Credits are turned on for semi-automatic purchases.

Earlier today Sakai Openlife announced that credit purchases took another step to full implementation. As many know, before people would use the “contact us” page on the OpenLife site and 3DX manually filled the orders. Today though credits took the next step in purchasing with semi-automatic means. No, that doesn’t mean a gun is needed to get them delivered. 🙂 According to Sakai’s post:

“Initially we’re releasing the system in a ‘semi-automated’ which means the last step of the purchase process which we know as ‘approval’ before the accounting server picks up your order and sends it to you in world. We will ‘watch’ this process over the next week to be sure everything is functioning correctly. So we’ve inserted a small ‘extra’ step where Openlife staff will tick approve your order before the allowing the Accounting server to send you the credits.

Why? We just want to be sure that everything is working as it should be before letting the system continue on without us checking each order.”

The present system could mean waits up to about 15 minutes for your in world balance to show while the staff monitors and approves each transaction. There will be about a 12 hour window open for purchases over the next week or so. After approximately a week of successful testing on that system Sakai expects they “will be able to remove this last manual step and restore it to a fully automated process.”

Early reports on the forums and from sources in world appear quite positive. Gumby Roffo reported his transaction took only approximately a minute through his PayPal account. He also successfully sent credits across regions to another avatar and the balance showed instantly. So it looks like this is all heading in the right direction.

Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus Mar 28

Second Inventory is a step closer to coming back to OpenLife.


3DX, the company that owns OpenLife Gird and Second Inventory have been working together to make a Second Inventory that is compatible with the OL Grid.
From the link above Sakai stated “The improvements being developed will make will improve it’s security and safety to provide Openlife users a 3rd party backup method for your valuable inventory and a method for Secondlife Creators to safely import their content to the Openlife knowing the software cannot be used to steal the content or not respect the creators Avatar Name.”

This is a great step in controlling content theft and respecting IP issues.

There is little detail from 3DX at this time except to say in part:

“In a recent conversation with the team at second inventory we’re told the work is progressing well and some live inworld testing will begin this week of their up coming new version supporting some requested changes by Openlife.”

The blog promises more info as it arrives. I know many have been watching for this announcement as we have been without SI for months now. It is good to see that the waiting is not fruitless as 3DX and SI are getting close to the access being live again.

Related articles on OLX: 3DX and Second Inventory work together for a safer and more secure product
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How to use OLX chat.

With the recent announcement of the closure of the Official OLG chat rooms we figured it was time for a quick tutorial on using our Ning chat room. Now, there will be another update on Ning and it may change this tutorial if they do anything with the chat.

So, first off.. where is chat located? It is on the bottom right of the screen.

When you click that line a pop up will appear with the chat channel like this:

If you do not want to appear in the chat or if you were logged out of it and want to log back in push the button next to the line and arrow to toggle chat on and off.

If you have any questions about this feature feel free to post them below.


-Team OLX
Comments (2) posted by Macphisto Angelus Mar 22

Account reminder or FYI to the new members. 🙂

Just a head’s up.

If you leave or are removed from OLX all your posts, content, etc will leave as well. If you have established a group it will remain. Any pictures you posted (like logos for the group) or that may appear on other members blog could remain. That is because they are hosted on Ning’s servers and ning sites are covered by the ning TOS for such things to remain active on this site. This falls under section 5 of the Ning TOS.
Additionally, you understand and agree that Your Content that is displayed on the Ning Platform may continue to appear on the Ning Platform, even after you have terminated your Ning Member or Network Member account or terminated these Terms of Service, as portions of Your Content may have been incorporated into Member profiles, RSS feeds or other features.

So, if you notice on your profile someone is missing from your friend’s list or a bunch of blogs disappear the likelihood is that they have left the site or were removed.

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OLX etiquette!

Today we want to go over some basic etiquette that will help the OLX user base.

To begin we will not allow personal attacks against individuals. There is a obvious situation that many feel very strongly about but using OLX to attack a person or persons is not the right way to deal with it or any future situations. We understand some have felt harassed. We have seen ourselves at OLX called everything under the sun on certain blog posts and even on the OLG forum. We understand your frustrations after all we are all humans behind the avatars.

Does this mean you cannot vent about problems around the grid? Absolutely not! We experience issues on the grid as well. It is perfectly OK to say “My script engine has been down for X days”. What is NOT OK is to say “My script engine has been down X days and that (blankity blank) is doing nothing about it. No singling out a person.

Unfortunately our admin powers here cannot edit posts to remove material we consider crossing the line. We have only the option to delete a comment in it’s entirety. So, if a post crosses the line it will be removed and you can rephrase and re post it if you like. Why do we remove before giving you a chance to fix it? Because the longer that comment is out there the more negativity it causes. So think before you post, please.

And remember.. we love hearing about the positive things going on in your OpenLife.

If you have any questions about this policy, please post them here or PM one of us for clarification.

As always we thank you all for your contributions and for hanging out with us here. OLX is about YOU and respect for others and ourselves is part of that.

-Team OLX

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