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Mission Statement:

The OpenLife Xchange (or “OLX”) brings many technologies to the table to support and enhance OpenLifeGrid. OLX is chartered to be:

  • an exchange of information and ideas
  • a learning center
  • a center of commerce that embraces all the new tools builders, scripters, designers and developers will have at their disposal to continue being successful in this new world.

OLX is not connected with or owned by OpenLife Grid or 3DX, but exists to enhance Sakai’s efforts and eventually offer a web-based ecommerce connection and other programming to OpenLIfe Grid.

The content delivery portion of the OLX business model will be based on a .NET application framework that is designed for high traffic. Multiple .NET systems sre being evaluated to create a robust content delivery system that is compatible with OpenlifeGrid to facilitate the movement of funds and product most efficiently. OLX will begin programming tests as soon as a cluster is purchased. Thank You! Your generous donations made it possible for OLX to purchase our test clusters and has moved us to the next phase.

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Goreans of OLX

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OLPC Openlife

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Pendragon Productions Inc.

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openlife DJ’s

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Township of Juliette

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New Beginnings

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Starfleet: Varuna Prime

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OLX test

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OpenLife Christians

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Ordo Von Hannibal

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Virtual News

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College Of Open Life-COOL 🙂

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The Lost Realm

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Architects In OpenLife

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Open Life Music

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OLX News

OLX News, Announcements and Events

14 discussions

Around the Grid

Life, musings and observations around OpenLifeGrid

8 discussions

Pythonicus Rex

Programming in Python for 3DXServer

2 discussions

Tools for Meshing

Getting the most from 3rd Party Tools

6 discussions

Founders Roundtable

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Standing Alone

The First Steps toward your own Grid Empire — or total Isolation. All about the standalone server and how to make it sing and dance.

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Region Showcase

This is the place to showoff and brag about your region and what it is to be used for. Go ahead, toot your own horn!

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Services Offered

If you have special talents or gifts with scripting, modeling, textures, landscaping, teaching or whatever that relates to building a new world, advertise yourself here!

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Suggestion Box

Place all suggestions about the care and feeding of OLX in here!

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Scripter’s Paradise

A place to share your scripting masterpieces with the world

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